About the International Economics Network

The International Economics Network is a collection of key resources for international economics, as well as other related disciplines, including, inter alia, global business and finance, international law, and international development. It was inspired by the absence of an annotated, selective international economics-specific portal, together with my personal interest in the subject and a desire to make the existing body of working papers and news articles on international economics conveniently accessible to a wide audience. Hence the birth of the site.

The key objectives of the site include the following:

The site is constantly growing as resources are added on an almost daily basis - mostly in the News & Commentary and Research Papers sections. The site averages about 10 unique hits a day, from locations all over the world. It has also been conferred various awards, and is a partner site of The Best We Know globalization essay project. Currently, plans are in place for a student's version. An early preview is available (link opens in a new window).

Your comments and suggestions for both these sites are most definitely welcome! Please feel free to get in touch. The philosophy of the site, of course, subscribes to Ockham's Razor, so there is little absolute guarantee by way of inclusion.

All material on these pages, unless otherwise stated, are copyright © 2001--2014 Jamus Jerome Lim. Permission to reproduce material on these pages should generally be addressed to the respective authors; all other queries may be directed to the webmaster.

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