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Reform and Restructuring in Asia   Recommended!
Finance & Development (IMF) Mar 2001, Volume 38, Number 1

In the Dollar We Trust   Recommended!
Comment: An argument by the Assistant to the Bush Administration for economic policy on why America needs to maintain a strong-dollar policy (support of anti-inflationary monetary policy, increase attractiveness of business environment for capital inflows, free trade for currency markets, practical benefits such as seignorage revenue).
Lindsey, L.B. (The International Economy) Mar/Apr 2001

Small Is Big
Krauss, M. (The International Economy) Mar/Apr 2001

Global Capital Rules, Okay?
The Economist Mar 1st, 2001

Financial Sector Assessment Program - A Commentary
Conthem, M. & S. Ingves (IMF) Mar 9th, 2001

How Dot-Coms Joined the Old Economy
The New York Times Mar 10th, 2001

Synchronous Global Recession?
Roach, S. (Morgan Stanley) Mar 12th, 2001

Japan Is Shackled by Deflation, Blocking Its Hope for Recovery
The New York Times Mar 12th, 2001

Euro Economy to Grow 3%, Shrug Off U.S. Slowdown
Bloomberg Mar 12th, 2001

Turks Again See Mirage of Prosperity Disappear With Devaluation
Bloomberg Mar 12th, 2001

Technology Leaders Find Their Bearings in Doldrums   Recommended!
Schiesel, S. (New York Times) Mar 12th, 2001

WTO Ministerial Prep Meeting Tackles New Round
BRIDGES Weekly Trade News Digest Vol. 5, Number 9

EU & US Meet on Trade as US Trade Policy Takes Shape
BRIDGES Weekly Trade News Digest Vol. 5, Number 9

Make Russia a Better Neighbor
The New York Times March 14, 2001

Euro-Zone Growth May Be Below ECB's 3% Forecast, Bank of Italy Report Says
Bloomberg Mar 14th, 2001

The Sinking Sun?
Safire, W. (New York Times) Mar 15th, 2001

ECB Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged; Reduction Seen in Third Quarter
Bloomberg Mar 15th, 2001

Digital Divide or Dividend?
Friedman, T.L. (New York Times) Mar 16th, 2001

OPEC Plans Cut In Oil Production
Washington Post Mar 16th, 2001

The Euro Is in the Tank, and ECB Gets No Respect
DeRosa, D. (Bloomberg) Mar 18th, 2001

US Rate Cut May be Less than Desired
Bloomberg Mar 19th, 2001

BOJ to Push Rates to Zero; Says Government Must Undertake `Painful' Reform
Bloomberg Mar 19th, 2001

IMF Worked with Authorities to Solve Turkish Problem
Deppler, M. (IMF) Mar 19th, 2001

Japan's Bank Acts to Spur Spending to Revive Economy
The New York Times Mar 20th, 2001

Yen Tumbles as BOJ Move to Cut Rate to Zero Percent Saps Demand
Bloomberg Mar 20th, 2001

Korea Says Economic Growth Could Fall Below 4% Unless U.S., Japan Recover
Bloomberg Mar 20th, 2001

Argentina in a Fix   Recommended!
The Economist Mar 20th, 2001

Duisenberg Says U.S. Growth Slowdown May Be Worse Than Expected
Bloomberg Mar 21st, 2001

Jump-Starting Japan
The Economist Mar 21st, 2001

A hopeful man for Turkey's economy
The Economist Mar 23rd, 2001

How low will American rates go?
The Economist Mar 23rd, 2001

Japan's sick economy
The Economist Mar 23rd, 2001

Can the world escape recession?   Recommended!
The Economist Mar 23rd, 2001
Comment: A thought-provoking piece on where the global economy might be headed, highlighting the concerns and dangers that lie ahead.

Staggering to Stockholm?
The Economist Mar 23rd, 2001

Time for Rate Cut From the European Central Bank
DeRosa, D. (Bloomberg) Mar 25th, 2001

The Economist Mar 26th, 2001

How to Distribute AIDS Drugs
Bellamy, C. (New York Times) Mar 26th, 2001

When Debt Is Good
The Wall Street Journal Mar 27th, 2001

Services: WTO Members Close to an Agreement on Negotiating Guidelines
BRIDGES Weekly Trade News Digest Vol. 5, Number 11

Asia's Faltering Recovery
The Economist Mar 27th, 2001

America's Confusing Economic Signals
The Economist Mar 27th, 2001

Boom and Gloom
The Economist Mar 27th, 2001

Bad Trades
The Wall Street Journal Mar 28th, 2001

Lumber Dispute Threatens U.S.-Canada Trade Ties
The New York Times Mar 28th, 2001

Euro Near 3-Month Low as Report Dims ECB Rate-Cut Expectations
Bloomberg Mar 28th, 2001

European Economies: ECB Keeps Key Rate at 4.75%   Recommended!
Bloomberg Mar 29th, 2001

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